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Sourcing Services means the delivery of advisory services and resources that help a company negotiate improved pricing, commercial terms and conditions

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When it comes to the design of your product, we cover every component of its lifecycle. From conception to creation, all the way through completion, we will troubleshoot your designs and make improvements to enhance the quality of your final product.

Our expert team of WEMADE engineers and designers have your customers’ experience in mind. Once we believe your product is ready for production, we’ll send through a prototype for your final approval before we begin the manufacturing process.

Factory Audit

Our company specializes in factory audits, helping businesses to improve their operations and comply with industry regulations. Our team of experienced professionals will visit your factory and conduct a thorough review of your facilities, processes, and systems. We will identify any potential issues or areas for improvement, and provide you with a detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations. Our factory audit service is designed to help you optimize your operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. By working with us, you can have the peace of mind that your factory is running at its best and that you are meeting all relevant standards.

Quality Control

When searching for a global outsourcing company, quality should be your top priority. At WEMADE, our goal is to ensure your products are compliant with both international and country- specific regulations. Not only this, but we are also committed to helping you deliver top-quality products to help you stand out above the competition. Our Quality Control services are designed to identify and address any potential production issues early on. This way, we can help resolve any safety or quality concerns before they become problematic – ensuring your company doesn’t suffer any losses.

Web Based CRM

Because our clients are often dispersed all across the globe, we provide CRM management solutions to efficiently assist with lead management and your existing customer base. Our goal is to improve the business relationships you have with your customers.

Our CRM Services Can Help You